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Commission Prices

No background: Only white or any color in the background with no patterns nor text
Simple background: Contains colors, patterns, and text. May contain props but no true background.
Complex background: Scenery, tangable objects are a part of the picture, takes place in a certian location.


**No/simple background pics**
Only single character inking....$4.00
Chibi single character inking ...$2.50
Multi character inking .........$10.00
Multi chibi chara inking.........$6.00

**Simple/Complex Background**
Single character CG color simple bg.............$14.00
Single character CG color complex bg ....$22.00
Multi character CG color simple bg ............$18.00
Multi character CG color complex bg ............$27.00
Single character chibi CG Color simple bg .......$9.00
Single character chibi cg Color complex bg....$12.00
Multi character chibi Cg color simple bg ......$11.00
Multi character chibi Cg color complex bg $14.00

****Fetish Prices***
Single character inking no bg.................$15.00
Single character inking background ........$17.00
Multi character inking no bg ................$18.00
Multi character inking w/background.......$20.00
Single character color CG simple bg.................$24.00
Multi character color CG simple bg ............... $26.00
Single character color cg complex background ....... $28.00
Multi character color CG complex bg.................$34.00

**Themes for fetish commissions include yet not limited to...quicksand, bondange, sicky, vore, ryona(caught by monsters) and so on...**

-You don't pay until the work is finished.
-Payment is made through paypal, money order or check is acceptable
-I don't do hentai but ecchi is okay.
*Due to the lack of participation in Art Division #1, I have extended the deadline for the contest to September 18th.
There is no participant to reward 2nd place...*

Here are the posted entries of the Esthe Hunter Contest so far
IF you want rules, regs, and details go here…

Good luck to all! Deadline is September 18th.

:iconsheldoncooper24: Has been disqualified for ART THEFT
(also known as :iconthextremet: )

****** ART DIVISON #1 Drawn Spa Scenes***********
Mummy Wrap Treatment by polyedit2000 By :iconpolyedit2000:

Esthe Hunter: Quicksand bath Treatment by Basher-the-Basilisk By :iconbasher-the-basilisk:

*****ART DIVISON #2 Monsters, Mobs, and Bosses********

Frogs by polyedit2000 By :iconpolyedit2000:

Massage Spider by polyedit2000 By :iconpolyedit2000:

Contest Sumission - Katracken by silentzorah By :iconsilentzorah:

Cave Chocolate and Little Green Men by polyedit2000 By :iconpolyedit2000:

Esthe Hunter: Quicksand Queen by Basher-the-Basilisk By :iconbasher-the-basilisk:

WRITING DIVISON (Written Spa Scenes)

Esthe Spa TreatmentsWorm
This treatment provides both a massage and exfoliation.
Defense+, MDF+, HP+
Chie's senses told her to run, but her instincts forced her to lay in place as the worm swallowed her body.
"Why...why am I doing this?"
By the time she had come up with an answer, the worm had already pulled her head in.  She was surrounded by flesh and slime, ill-equiped to fight this creature.  She could feel its muscles squeezing her, contracting and rippling as if to force her deeper.  Alreadly, she could feel a tingling on her own flesh.
"Is it digesting me?"  Chie wondered.  "No, its juices...they're removing the dirt off me."
That was the feeling as her skin began to breathe again.  Combined with rings of the monster's flesh traveling over her muscles, Chie was lulled into a sleep.
When she woke up, Chie found herself back in the room.  Had it been a dream, or had the worm already finished its task.  She could not bother with the question for now; she had to
  by :iconpolyedit2000:

Chie's Spa TreatmentThe treatment massages and softens chie's skin.
MAG+, MDF+ and AGL+
Slime bath
Unsure of how the slime would feel Chie buried her foot in the slimy substance moving it around and lifting it up as the slime huged her foot and slowly dripped down into the pool again.
"This actually feels good"
She thought as she sat down on the edge of the bath pushing both legs futher down into the thick and sticky slime as she slowly played around with her legs for a while moving them around slowly in its gooey mass as she gave out a little smile.
"Its so sticky yet smooth and gooey..."
Chie pushed herself out into the slime and slowly started to sink over her hips, looking down she could see the bottom a bit under her while the slime slowly kissed and pulled her downwards giving her a funny weightless feeling, she giggled a little for herself while the slime hugged the bottom half of her body as she slowly sank to the floor covering her belly up to her breasts.
As her feet touched the bottom Chie star
 by :icondanzez:

Esthe Hunter Contest EntryTar Bath:
This treatment exfoliates the skin by removing layers of dirt and grime with the tar, and also, completely unintentionally, gives the user a good workout as they leave the pit in the first place.
Chie had some serious doubts about how well a treatment of tar could work. All the same, she had to give it a try anyway. She eyed the deep pit of bubbling black goo, and with a sigh stepped into the glass box that made up the entrance, shutting the first door behind her and leaving her trapped.
She felt something drip on the top of her hair, and glanced up just in time to see a downpour of black oil strike her face. Chie let out a terrified shriek that turned into a gurgle under the oil, and she ducked her head. The black goo ran through her hair, and she shuddered at the feeling. All she could do was press herself against the door leading to the tar pit, her swimsuit leaving breast-prints over the clean glass, her hands smearing brown streaks wherever she touched.
 by :iconagent47495:

Chie sat down upon the stool's plush velvet cushion nervously. So far, Pecil's spa treatments had been… well, strange, but at least they weren't dangerous. Yet… given that most of them were made from or inspired by monsters, Chie feared it was only a matter of time before she made one that could seriously hurt someone.
"Ribbon Body Wrap Massage"… that was what the sign on the door outside this room had said. At least that didn't sound like it could do much harm… how dangerous could ribbons be?
Seconds ticked by. Just as Chie began to wonder if there was something wrong, the cushion shifted…
"What the…"
A flurry of pink silk ribbons erupted from underneath the cushion. Chie shrieked in alarm… weaving through the air like snakes, dozens of them seized her arms and legs, coiling around them, quickly burying her limbs under a veneer of soft cloth. In short order
 by :icontasakeru828:
Chie's Spa Treatment 2This treatment mostly massages shies body.
HP+, AGI+ and ATK+
Pudding Bath
As Chie entered the spa she was met with a room covered with chocolate pudding.
"What... is this room..."
Chie stepped out into the spa and sank over her knees in pudding, the walls had pudding slowly running down against them and around the door behind her filling the pit with pudding, she could feel the pudding slowly making its way around her feets and further into the middle of the pit where the pudding flowed down and out of the spa to keep the pit from over filling.
"It's thick..."
Chie suddenly felt a small piece of pudding hit her hair, she looked up at the ceiling which held a more thick and sticky looking pudding than what was on the floor, the pudding started to drip some more of the roof and it seemed like something was pushing it out on the ceiling so the pudding could slowly drip down where it wasn't able to hold itself up anymore, hitting the pit and splashing more pudding around itself as it land
 by :icondanzez:

Kei waza story submission contest petrify massagePetrify Massage
A mysterious treatment that acts as a massage and to toughen up one's body.
Raises HP++, DEF++, MDF++
Chie wasn't told the full description of this treatment. Just that it would help her "toughen up" some.
Instructed by a note left in the changing area to wear a two-piece swimsuit, Chie did so and approached the treatment area. There, she saw a women in, of all things, a green business-like suit. She had green hair and green eyes.
???: Why hello. Are you Miss Chie?
Chie: Y-yes I am Miss.
Meduse: You may call me Meduse. I shall be the one giving your treatment today.
Chie: I see. If I may ask, how exactly is this treatment work?
Meduse: First off, step over here onto this place mat on the floor here.
Chie walks over to the blue square-shaped place mat. It looked liked ones you set up when you want to work out. Chie stands right in the middle of the mat.
Meduse: Excellent. Now place your legs slightly apart and put your hands out at your sides.
Chie: Um o-ok.
Meduse: Don'
 by :iconcrazyed11:
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Kei (kay) Waza
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
Hi! I'm the blackest Japanese person you may ever meet.
Yup I'm technically a Cyborg. The bones in my legs (my femurs) have been replaced with a system of metal bars, pins and screws due to a serious accident I was in.

I like to draw cute things... and sexy things.....mainly females....

I don't do requests
If you want a commission (when they're open) you only pay AFTER it has been delivered.

Other than that, I draw what I wawnt!

Hey! Howabout a Contest!? 

27 deviants said But I can't draw :iconcryforeverplz: Kei: "Dat's okay" :hug:
12 deviants said That depends what are the prizes?
7 deviants said Yes, I would like to participate!
5 deviants said I can make smoothies with mah toes that taste like cucumber salad! :iconilikeitplz:


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