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Just thinking out loud here about the new game I'm trying to develop. According to some expert advice, I should keep things scaled down and as simple as I possibly can.

So far, this is what I have in the way of ideas for the game so far.

Story: The Netherworldian princess has traveled to the human world to search for her missing older sister, when she is attacked by some humans suspicously weilding powers that are specifically designed to destroy demons and monsters. Though she barely escapes, the weapons the humans used on her have stripped her of most of her power, but as Netherworldian royalty, not only does she have the ability to command other monsters but make them as well. Our protagonist has no choice but to raise a rag-tag army of monsters to help fight this human menace and find her sister or die trying.

Gameplay: Turn-based RPG style combat. Since human heroines have the ability to instakill you and your party, the player must take advantage of any tactics that will confound and hinder these heroines by any means nessasary. Raising different monster types will yeild different tactics at defeating these heroines. Also, this will be a fan service based game, so the majority of your foes will be female.

There will be 3 types of eneimes in the game. These enimies are Heroines, familiars, and stray monsters.  From them, you can gain exp for your monsters, money, and items that can be used to create and or promote the monsters you raise. If you can become strong enough capturing the heroines will be possible where you will be free to interogate or torment them (Only if you feel they deserve it, this feature is optional.) and (if you have the right materials) even turn them into monster girls by transmutating them with one of your monsters.

Characters: The monsters you raise will have 3 basic types. Humanoid, Beast, and Amorphous.
-Humanoid monsters include imps, succubi, and zago(this world's equivilant of the putties from power rangers) They will have the ability to equip weapons and armor. They have ballanced stats and skills that are unique to their type
-Beast type monsters are those that resemble animals such as serpants, insects, carnivourus beasts and so forth. They won't be able to equip weapons or armor, but are a lot physically stronger than humanoid types and Amorphous types and are also a lot more resiliant.
-Amorphous monsters include things such as slimes, plants, and any other creepy biological abonination. The physically weakest type, Amorphous monsters specialize in abnormal status and hindering foes helpless.

There are also 3 types of promotions
Hatchling, Minion, and General. These promotions are what some people may know as "Evolutions" in which the monster's form, strength and abilities all become upgraded when the parameters have been met.

But that's just the idea I have on paper here..
just thinkin' out loud..

In other news 1 out of 3 commission slots is now available.
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Kei-Waza's Profile Picture
Kei (kay) Waza
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
Hi! I'm the blackest Japanese person you may ever meet.
Yup I'm technically a Cyborg. The bones in my legs (my femurs) have been replaced with a system of metal bars, pins and screws due to a serious accident I was in.

I like to draw cute things... and sexy things.....mainly females....

I don't do requests
If you want a commission (when they're open) you only pay AFTER it has been delivered.

Other than that, I draw what I wawnt!

If I made a sexy Dounjin of about a dozen pages or so avalable for download, how much would you pay for it? 

25 deviants said 5 to 10 Dollars
9 deviants said 3 to 5 Dollars
2 deviants said 10 to 16 Dollars
No deviants said more than 20 Dollars

Commission Prices

No background: Only white or any color in the background with no patterns nor text
Simple background: Contains colors, patterns, and text. May contain props but no true background.
Complex background: Scenery, tangable objects are a part of the picture, takes place in a certian location.


**No/simple background pics**
Only single character inking....$4.00
Chibi single character inking ...$2.50
Multi character inking .........$10.00
Multi chibi chara inking.........$6.00

**Simple/Complex Background**
Single character CG color simple bg.............$14.00
Single character CG color complex bg ....$22.00
Multi character CG color simple bg ............$18.00
Multi character CG color complex bg ............$27.00
Single character chibi CG Color simple bg .......$9.00
Single character chibi cg Color complex bg....$12.00
Multi character chibi Cg color simple bg ......$11.00
Multi character chibi Cg color complex bg $14.00

****Fetish Prices***
Single character inking no bg.................$15.00
Single character inking background ........$17.00
Multi character inking no bg ................$18.00
Multi character inking w/background.......$20.00
Single character color CG simple bg.................$24.00
Multi character color CG simple bg ............... $26.00
Single character color cg complex background ....... $28.00
Multi character color CG complex bg.................$34.00

**Themes for fetish commissions include yet not limited to...quicksand, bondange, sicky, vore, ryona(caught by monsters) and so on...**

-You don't pay until the work is finished.
-Payment is made through paypal, money order or check is acceptable
-I don't do hentai but ecchi is okay.


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